Video from the trip!

Posted: May 1, 2013 by blinkenzomg in Uncategorized

Finally got around to putting together a video from the trip. It was a bloody awesome two weeks.

So many thanks to our sponsors – Striker Ice and the Hay Street Medical Centre, and to everyone who donated to our charity on our behalf. We ended up raising an amazing $3,218.99 for Operation Smile, which is absolutely fantastic.

As I said on the Youtube page, if you’re thinking about signing up for this, it’s one of the best things you can spend two weeks doing, anywhere. Seriously, sign up, and do it now.

Edit: We have another video, from Guy this time! Apparently, all I can do when I see a camera is wave like an idiot. Guy also managed to get some footage from the earlier part of the trip when the roads were a bit tougher (0:40, 1:02, 1:23, etc).

Cheers 🙂


  1. Klaus says:

    Hi, any issues/tricks to get the bikes started on the cold mornings?

  2. geeza11 says:

    Well we had it down to a fine art by the end – 19 kicks it would putter, then on the 30th it would roar into life. Starting any old bike like that in the cold is difficult but there were a few things to make it easier:
    1. Make sure you crank the engine without turning it on to move the oil (grease at these temperatures) around the crank and cylinder head.
    2. Flood the carbies on both cylinders until fuel dripped out. Then put both chokes on each carby – make sure you do both sides and turn both off (we forgot to do this a couple of times but you soon remember).
    3. Put the air choke on, halfway at first and see how it goes then play around with it.
    One key tip was to make sure you got a full crank with each kick. This means feel the compression and push from there to make sure you get your money’s worth on each kick. Persistence is the key and if it isn’t starting go through a checklist:
    1. Is there fuel? Seems silly but when you’re not thinking clearly at -35C the simplest solutions are often forgotten
    2. If there is fuel take a spark plug out and ground it on the body to check if the ignition is working.
    3. If both are there then you’re not trying hard enough!
    4. If ignition isn’t there could be the coil/any number of things.

    Hope this helps and was what you were after!

    Guy 🙂

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